Laundry Room Payment Solutions

Loyalty Card

With the loyalty card, the resident will go to a central value transfer machine and add value to a smart chip equipped smart card. Once the value is on the card they only have to take the card to the machines to vend their laundry. Simply insert the card and start the machine.

Credit Card

By adding credit card options directly on the machines, your residents can pay for their laundry the same way they pay for everything else in their lives, with their credit or debit card. No other card is needed, just swipe the card and wash.

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments is a growing payment solution, and we have the technology available now to offer this option directly on the washers and dryers. Customers can start the machines using only the smartphone that they are carrying to the laundromat. No cash or card option is required inside the room.

Options Beyond Payment

Technology in the laundry room goes beyond simply starting the machines. Optional features allow the residents to see real time usage in the laundry rooms and know availability of machines before they take the trip to the room. They can even receive a text or email when each cycle of the laundry is completed. Residents can easily voice concerns over e-mail or online chat.

Benefits of Cashless Machines

Safety – eliminate theft from coin boxes

Potential to Increase Revenue – allows for smaller adjustments to pricing (change prices in one penny increments, which allows you to increase your net income)

Customer Loyalty – once people put money on the card, they keep coming back. Also, many card payment systems offer loyalty programs

Flexible Pricing – allows regulation of peak time usage with premium pricing