Laundry Room Options

Option 1: Washer and Dryer Leasing

PWS Leasing Program allows you to collect all revenue from your laundry room with no headache from servicing the equipment. Under our leasing program, here is what you get for no upfront cost:

  • We install energy-efficient Speed Queen equipment
  • We service the equipment
Machine Type Monthly Fee* Monthly Cost w/ Mobile Pay*
Small Dryer $30 $40
Stack APT Dryer $50 $70
Top Load Washer $35 $45
22 lb Washer $45 $55
Stack Washer/Dryer $75 $95
Larger Washers & Dryers Call Call
*Leasing available throughout most of CA. Pricing subject to change without notice.

    Option 2: Full-Service Laundry Room Management

    Allow PWS to take care of your laundry room. Under our Full-Service Laundry Room Management Program, here is what you get at no cost:

    • We install energy efficient Speed Queen washers and dryers
    • We service the equipment
    • We take care of collections
    • We send you a check with your portion of the proceeds once a month